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Replace Multiple Tools and Save!

The spring gardening season is upon us. Now is a good time to get back out there, and start planting, pruning, cleaning, and preparing your flower beds.


A space saving, 3 sizes in 1, Does-It-all Garden Cart.

With our American Made multi-purpose utility cart you can replace metal wheelbarrows that rust, or heavy dump carts whose wheels go flat and stop turning. 


The Mighty Max Cart’s patented construction consists of a durable High-Density Polypropylene (HDPP) material that withstands all weather conditions, can’t be damaged with permanent kinks or bends like metal framed carts and provides a strong flexible platform for any use. 


Gardening projects require an arsenal of tools. If storage space is an issue, the Double-Decker Garden Cart is a compact and lightweight solution. Eliminate the need for multiple tools and reclaim your shed or garage.

This Does-It-All Garden Cart replaces these other tools

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Dump Cart
  • Folding Wagon
  • 2-Tiered Utility Cart
  • Platform Dolly
  • Mobile Garden Seat


This cart's uses are not limited to just the lawn and garden. With additional accessories you can easily transform your garden cart into a cooler & fishing cart, haul coolers up to 150 QTS and hold up to 6 fishing rods.



Comments (1)

  • Dawn on Apr 04, 2021

    Hi. I have 3 Olde English Bulldogges, one of whom has tremendous trouble walking due to age and arthritis. I want to take her with us on our walks, and am looking for an American-made cart that will handle her weight and size comfortably. The mobile garden seat pictured at your site looks like a tremendous possibility. One of my other bulldogs, however, loves to walk with us too, but can only go about a half a mile before she, too, starts to get uncomfortable. So I think I need something large enough for both of them toward the end of our walks. How big can the “mobile garden seat” get? My They each have a 40" x 25" Kuranda bed. The two females I’ve described can fit on one when I have one of theirs in the wash, though, so I know that size would accommodate them both for a short part of our walk, and would allow the one with arthritis to rest comfortably for most of it. Do you have a product that could work for us? Please let me know, and thanks. Kind regards…

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