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Beach Wheel Upgrade Kit

$169.00 USD

Convert your Mighty Max Cart into a Beach Cart! We designed a beach wheel kit specifically for our carts. You can now add beach wheels to any cart model (Multi-Purpose Cart, Cooler Caddy & Fishing Cart or Mighty Max Dolly) 

Please note: Shipping for pre-orders will not begin until the end of September 2021.

(4) Mighty Max Cart Beach Wheels
(2) 19" Black Oxide Coated Axles
(4) Cotter Pins
(1) Air Pump with Gauge reader built-in

Mighty Max Dolly (MMD Models) are 100% compatible with our beach wheel upgrade kit. No additional parts required.

Shipping for pre-orders will begin at the end of September 2021. Email updates will be sent out with tracking numbers. 

Beach Wheel Upgrade Kit

$169.00 USD