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About Us & the History Behind Mighty Max Cart

About Mighty Max Cart

After several years of designing, prototyping, manufacturing and distributing foreign-made predecessor versions of the Mighty Max Cart, the inventor, Jack Clark, resolved to make future carts in the USA. In 2010, the company was restructured and all production with all new injection molds transplanted from overseas to Jack’s home state of Texas. The first Mighty Max Carts rolled out of facilities in Jacksonville, Texas, at the beginning of 2011.

By 2014, with production and sales increasing each year, different components of the cart were manufactured at three different Jacksonville plants. It became prudent to consolidate manufacturing at a single site and production was moved to QFC Plastics 300,000 square-foot Arlington, Texas, our plant where it remains today.

In 2016, a second product line was added, the Mighty Max Cart, distinguished by its colorful, solid-rubber all-terrain and amphibious wheels. About the same time, custom designed fishing pole holders were introduced as an optional add-on component and the Mighty Max Carts found traction as a fishing cart and cooler caddy as well as a sports-utility cart, garden cart, and moving cart. We now carry a complete line of moving and warehouse dollies along with a line of outdoor, weatherproof and waterproof carts for all out activities.

Mighty Max Cart now has carts all over North America and many parts of Europe, and other countries. It has grown into an All-Purpose Multi-Terrain, Weatherproof, and Go-Anywhere Cart, Caddy and Dolly which can be used year round whether it be in the freezing snow or hot sand. Our customers all over the world have found literally hundreds of different uses for the Mighty Max Amphibious Multi-Terrain and Weatherproof Carts.