Cold Weather Emergency

Mighty Max Cart Heavy Duty Utility Hand Dolly
What you should know about Winter Weather.
Know what to do before, during, and after a winter storm.

  • Listen to local officials.
  • Have emergency supplies in place at home, at work, and in the car.
  • Stay off the road during and after a winter storm.
  • Have a carbon monoxide alarm in place, especially if using alternative heating devices.
  • Use safe heating devices.


  • If you’re running a portable generator, you need to have a working Carbon Monoxide alarm in your home. #WinterSafety
  • #WinterSafety Tip: NEVER use a generator, camp stove, charcoal grill, gasoline or propane heater indoors.
  • NEVER heat a home by using the stovetop or oven. #WinterSafety
  • Keep generators outside at least 20 feet away from doors, windows, and vents to avoid accidental CO poisoning. #WinterSafety





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  • Juan Trabanino on Feb 06, 2023

    Can I use this the carts in loose sand at the beach?

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