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Beach Cart by Mighty Max Cart®

$246.75 USD

Introducing the Mighty Max Beach Cart! Pre-ordering is now available.

Please note: Shipping for pre-orders will not begin until the end of September 2021.

Now travel from land to sea. We designed a wheel that is perfect for the beach and rolls over the soft sand. The Might Max Beach Cart can easily carry your cooler, beach equipment fishing gear, and rods All-in-One trip which makes it perfect for any beach outing!

Beach Wheels: Our inflatable beach wheels will roll over any type of sand. 

Expandable Frame: 3 adjustable sizes in 1. The flatbed frame expands from 31" (closed position) to 34.5" (middle position) to 38" (fully extended)

Collapsible & Portable: Collapses in seconds! The compact design allows it to fit in any car, suv, or truck. 

Durable HDPP Poly Material: Being made of a high-density polypropylene material allows the cart to be weatherproof and rust-resistant. It is normal for the center of the frame to flex but our beach cart will not kink or permanently bend like other wagons.

(1) Cart Frame

(4) Mighty Max Cart Beach Wheels

(2) Cargo End Walls

(2) 26" Silver Bungee Cords

(2) Fishing Pole Holders (attach over cargo walls)

(1) Tool Rack Attachment (can hold 2 fishing rods; attaches to cargo wall)

(2) 19" Black Oxide coated axles

Deliveries for pre-orders will late September 2021. 

Use as Kayak Wheels

Separate frame to use as kayak wheels. Ratchet strap required to secure frame to underside of kayak.

Beach Cart by Mighty Max Cart®

$246.75 USD