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beach wagon mighty max cart silver double decker sand wagon
camo beach wagon cooler and fishing cart

Beach Cart with Poly Tub by Mighty Max Cart®

$229.00 USD
Key Features
  • SAND BEACH WHEELS: Our 8-inch inflatable beach wheels will roll over any type of sand.

  • EXPANDABLE FRAME: 3 adjustable Sizes in 1. The flatbed frame expands from 31" (closed position) to 34.5" (middle position) to 38" (fully extended) allowing you to carry different-sized coolers

  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: The compact design allows it to fit in any car, SUV, or truck in seconds!

  • DURABLE HDPP POLY MATERIAL: Being made of high-density polypropylene material allows the cart to be weatherproof and rust-resistant. It is normal for the center of the frame to flex but our beach cart will not kink or permanently bend like other wagons

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