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Plus One Fishing Cart

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Meet The Mighty Max Plus One Fishing Cart. The Smarter Way To Fish.

Fishing shouldn't be a chore, that's why we created the Might Max Plus One Fishing Cart. 

Mighty Max Fishing Cart

Yellow Wheels are Back Ordered until July 20th, 2017. Blue Wheels are Back Ordered until September 1st, 2017.

The popular Plus One Fishing Cart which includes flatbed cart and new all-terrain wheels, 2 end walls, 1 tool rack, 2 fishing rod holders, and 2 - 24" bungee cords.

Top Rated Fishing Cart - Mighty Max Plus One

Hauls up to 400lbs. For loads of 600-1000lbs, make sure you are rolling on solid flooring. Always store your Mighty Max fishing cart without weight on the top of the cart to ensure a longer cart-life. 

Once you experience the Mighty Max Cart in action, you'll see why thousands of professional fisherman choose the Plus One Fishing Cart for all of their fishing excursions.


Construed on the highest quality materials, and Made in The USA with pride.

Smarter fishing starts here. Start living the Mighty Max life today as join the craze!

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