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Cooler Cart - The Last Cart You will Ever Need!

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The first patented weatherproof all terrain and flexible outdoor cooler cart that allows you to haul your Yeti RTIC Igloo Bison Pelican Grizzly Cordova cooler over mud, gravel, rocks and even saltwater without worrying about rust, oxidation or getting a flat. The Plus One is Flexible when extended but will never permanently bend or kink like all metal carts.

 What's the benefit to you?

    •  You get the most versatile cart created that can be used as a moving dolly, cooler cart, fishing cart, sports equipment cart or flatbed cart to haul all your gear
    • Your flatbed frame expands from 31" to 34" and again to 38" in length to fit your small and large coolers 
    • You get 4 all-terrain solid rubber wheels that are airless, flat free and have no wheel bearings that can rust
    • By telescoping handle and swinging under main cart, your cart easily stores in a car trunk, bed of pickup or in the cargo bay of your SUV for compact storage
    • You get a cart that is made from HDPP Resin which is weatherproof and will never rust or oxidize on you.
    • Your cart hauls up to 300 lbs on compact solid ground.
    • Works great at beach on packed or wet sand, or soft sand only 2" deep.

     What's Included with your order?

    (1) Expandable Flatbed with 4 Blue Solid Foam Rubber Wheels

    (1) Tool Rack (Can hold 2 Fishing Poles)

    (2) Cargo End Walls

    (2) Bungee Cords


    How are you covered?

    • You get a Two Year parts warranty


     Can you take it on the Beach?

    • Works great on packed sand, wet sand, and shallow 2"" thick sand with hard surface 2"" down.
    • Not recommended for deep powdery soft loose sand

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