Use and Care & Storage

When your cart is not in use please store them by hanging on a wall, or in a closet or garage empty. If you properly take care of your cart this way it will last you a lifetime.

Used in Salt Water and at the beach:  After using the Plus One Cart in salt water and at the salty sandy beach, it is best to rinse off completely after your trip and especially before you store it at home in a closet or garage. 

Storage of Mighty Max Cart:  Mighty Max Cart wheels (see-through spokes with rubber band around plastic hub) are manufactured at our facility in Arlington, TX.  These wheels were designed for heavy duty moving, furniture hauling, and industrial and commercial use.  You may leave a heavy load on them, as they will not form flat spots on the wheels.  (They will however, unlike our amphibious wheels, retail water if left in high water.  If your Mighty Max Cart wheels do wind up with water in them, simply drill a small hole (1/8") in the side of the wheel hub to allow the water to drain.  Please call us at 888-505-7590 if you need additional information.

Storage of Plus One Cart:  Our very unique All-Rubber All-Terrain Amphibious wheels work great on boat docks, muddy and rocky terrains, and even packed sand.  We do not recommend hauling over 25 pounds over very soft deep sand at many beaches. When not in use, please store your Plus One Cart empty and not with a load on it.  If you store the Plus One Cart with a heavy load in for many days, weeks or months at a time, the wheels will form small flat spots where they have sat all that time.  (Just like an automobile tires, if your car stands outside for weeks and months at a time, the tires will dry rot and have to be replaced.)  The Plus One Amphibious and All-Terrain wheels will not retain water if used under fresh or salt water in normal use. 

So please store your Plus One Cart empty, hang it on a wall, or even store in your car or SUV trunk.  Yes, you can carry 350 pounds on these wheels when in normal use in the garden, a fishing trip, or at the beach, just store it empty when not in use. 

Storage of Removable Tub:  When not in use, please do not leave outside full of water or dirt for a long period of time.  This will cause the tub to bend and discolor in the sunlight.  Even though we add a UV protection to the Black and Green tubs, long exposure (weeks and months) will cause damage to the color and shape if left full of water or dirt.

If your tub was stored in and uneven position or in a hot car at an angle and it warped due to prolonged uneven storage, please do the following:  Simply place the tub on its feet and allow to stand outside in the sunlight, and it will return to its original shape.