RV Carts (a Plus One Cart by Mighty Max Cart)

RV Carts by Mighty Max Cart

Looking for the perfect cart that retracts to a nice compact size that will easily fit in underneath in a small compartment of your recreational vehicle? A very lightweight cart that will never rust, the wheels will never go flat, and they will always turn, as no lubrication is required, because there are no bearings in our wheels. The Mighty Max Plus One is an ideal cart / caddy/ dolly / trolley for your RV or trailer. Store it inside or in an outdoor compartment. It expands to fit any size cooler or large load. Comes with a Full Limited 2-Year Parts Warranty, and designed, patented, and manufactured in America! You will love this cart, period! Also, we have Toll Free Customer support for sales, service and parts. Now you can keep a Mighty Max Plus One Cart stored in your Recreational Vehicle or Motor Home year round:

  • Entire Cart will never rust or oxidize, even when your RV is parked close to the ocean.
  • There are no bearings in the wheels that could seize up. (Wheels can even roll under fresh or salt water)
  • Handle Retracts and turns 180° underneath the main cart for easy small compact storage.
  • Wheels will never go flat, Solid Rubber Wheels that roll over sand, mud, gravel and rocky terrains.
  • Weighs only 23 pounds, but can carry over 350 pounds.
  • Expandable to fit all sizes of coolers and ice chests, even up to 200QT.
  • Take the Plus One Cart to the Beach, a Picnic, pier or jetty fishing, even ice fishing, or in the show to haul logs.
  • Transforms into a garden Cart, wheelbarrow, dump cart, moving cart, furniture hauler, and perfect for camping and hunting.
  • Store a Plus One in your RV, Mobile Home, trailer, shed, garage, closet or shed. You will use it all year round!

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