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.Oct 17, 2016 by Max Shaver Jr.
Wagon Conversion

Used the Mighty Max Plus One Cart as a base for attaching the tub, of my Granddaughter's Radio Flyer Plastic wagon.

She can not walk, having been born with Spina Bifida. We have used the Radio Flyer Wagon on the beach in the past. She loved it as it put her close enough to the sand for her to be able to pick up shells and other "TREASURES". She will soon be 8 y/o and the wagon wheels would just dig into the sand, causing you to literally have to drag the wagon through the sand. I found the Plus One Cart while searching for beach wheelchairs, or wheels. The Plus One cart works great. I mounted the Radio Flyer plastic wagon tub on the Plus One cart with 4 bolts, nuts, and large flat washers ! Easy on, easy off!

Thanks for a great versatile product !

.Sep 13, 2016 by Baby Boomer
Won't Go To Beach Without It!

Used it to carry stuff from parking lot across street + down onto beach. Carried lg cooler, 3 beach chairs, bags of toys and personal items and one 5 y/o boy! The boy loved it and he being autistic was afraid of the roar of the ocean and wouldn't go down to the water, but one hour in allowed his mother to give him a ride on the cart close to the water where he, from the cart, put his feet in the wet beach sand and finally he slid out into the water filled hole the other kids had dug! He played in the mud with great enjoyment for over an hour! We were ecstatic and think the cart was the key to getting him started!

Other than it being kind of heavy in the soft beach sand (we did have it loaded), it performed very well. Our boy sometimes won't walk and is heavy to carry so it was a huge help going back to the car too! Received compliments on it as well.

Was pretty easy to put together. I do recommend buying the bungie cords the company has to offer with it.

.Sep 13, 2016 by David C.

This cart is Awesome. So many uses not just the beach. Go American made products! Excellent customer service!

.Sep 13, 2016 by Michelle S.
Great Buy

This green cart is awesome. Very sturdy and useful. It's a great buy. Plus, nice customer service, they respond and solve every question I have right away, even at 11pm.

.Sep 13, 2016 by Moe
Great Cart

We needed it before we went on vacation to the beach and they were great in shipping it quickly. We love it. Easy to pull around on the beach sand. One person even asked about it and we told them it was a great buy. We also used it to move bricks around from the front to the backyard. it's very sturdy and well made. So  many uses for it.

Great company and Great product!