Beach Carts

The perfect beach cart. Load up your cooler, towels, umbrellas, and everything else you need for a great day in the sand. Works well on dry and even better on wet sand.

Our Plus 1 v.s. The Rest

The Truth About Carts in Deep Soft Powdery Sand

The new all-terrain weatherproof bearings-free wheels on our PlusOne Carts have greatly improved traction in deep soft sand. They go a long way toward solving the main issue customers have had with the old Mighty Max Carts – namely that they don’t work well in loose sand.

In videos, carts seen easily traversing soft sand are usually either empty or else hard-packed sand lies just beneath the softer surface. Like humans, however, few carts laden with heavy gear travel well through soft sand. (Two-wheel dollies, with large low-pressure tires, perform best in these circumstances but their metal soon rusts, their bearings go bad, and their tires are expensive to replace.) Our new carts come with a two-year parts warranty and outlast competing, pricier carts. Without metal parts or bearings our new carts roll through mud, gravel. packed sand, loose sand, and even salt water. Our carts are made of specially-blended strong flexible plastics so that they will never rust, hold hundreds of pounds of equipment, and can be used in different configurations to serve multiple purposes. In addition, our wheels will never go flat and our handle retracts and swings underneath, enabling the cart to fit in the smallest car trunk or boat locker. Our cart’s wheels will turn in deep, soft sand but, fully laden, will still struggle until firmer packed sand is reached.

So there you have it.

Jack Clark, Pres.

Mighty Max Cart LLC

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