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Q- Where exactly are Mighty Max Carts made?

A- All of our carts and Made In America. Texas to be exact. Arlington, Texas.


Q- How long have Mighty Max Carts been around?

A- The Mighty Max Cart was first invented by our founder Jack Clark about twenty years ago. He set off on a mission to make a cart for himself. He wanted a cart that he could take anywhere he and his family ventured. A cart that was versatile but tough. A cart that could haul all of the families gear but not way a ton. A cart that was mobile enough to take on trips but handle everyday chores around the house as well. The Mighty Max Cart was born! Actual production of the current Mighty Max Cart model started about ten years ago. That’s when Jack decided that everyone should have such a strong versatile cart.


Q- Can I buy a Mighty Max Cart at Home Depot or Lowes?

A- Not yet. Maybe soon. We are making our way across the country.


Q- Can I get my cart in any other color?

A- Green, blue and black tubs are currently available.


Q- What are the carts made of?

A- The main material used in production of the Mighty Max Carts is thermoplastic elastomers, this non corrosive construction will never rust and provides extreme durability and long life.


Q- Can I recycle my cart when I am done with it?

A- These carts are designed to last for a very long time but yes, they are 100% recyclable.


Q- How come you claim the tires will never go flat?

A- The Mighty Max Super Wheels™ do not have air in them so they can’t go flat.